wikt:wiktionary:కోరిన పదాలుసవరించు

Hi, wikt:wiktionary:కోరిన పదాలు is currently preventing 'wikt:' being a global interwiki prefix. Could it be moved without a redirect? See phab:T2955 for details. John Vandenberg (చర్చ) 09:06, 19 ఫిబ్రవరి 2015 (UTC)[]

Hi, It is to advise that suitable action has been taken in this regard please. జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 16:23, 19 ఫిబ్రవరి 2015 (UTC)

Place of {.{pronunciation-audio-us}}సవరించు

May i know, why you are placing the audio file below the entry like this .Because in most of the wiktionary projects, audio files are at first not at bottom. May i change {{Reflist}} instead of <div class="references-small"> <references /> </div>--Info-farmer (చర్చ) 03:14, 9 మార్చి 2015 (UTC)[]

  • -Info-farmer, Hello, I have received your message and noted the contents therein. It is to advise that Telugu language is (Primary regional language), Hindi (secondary National language) and 3rd stage English (Universal language). Are you not observed in any Railway station Name Boards ? Most of the people of our country are not following or observing the formulae. Telugu is our primary language and telugu audio files will be placed in future course. Further, in this I am asking you, whether have good knowledge about in Telugu ? In view of the above I presumed that you have got clarification. Moreover, audio files are not furnished/placed in English for most of the Brown words. Are you observed that ? Forwhich, I am placing audio file for second reason also. I will finish remaining english words work today. O.K. With best wishes. జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 03:23, 9 మార్చి 2015 (UTC)[]
  • Info-farmer, Please reply your opinion soon whether you are obliging or not ? జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 03:31, 9 మార్చి 2015 (UTC).[]
Happy with your quick reply. I would like to say the followings;-
  1. విక్షనరీ:రచ్చబండ#IIW-_Integration_of_Indian_Wiktionaries - Please say your opinion there
  2. //telugu audio files will placed in future course// While you start the audio making, visit my efforts at Commons with my friend. Without Telugu script like this is not good Because regional files should be in progress not latin script files. I think our duty is not developing latin script. For that see Tamil pronunciation audio files at Commons.
  3. I born in Tamil Nadu but my grand father is migrated from Telugu region. Please remember the states before Independance . I am here for English contributions. With your guidance, I do well. Shall i proceed or not--Info-farmer (చర్చ) 06:11, 9 మార్చి 2015 (UTC)[]
Dear Info-farmer, I will reply for the above points in due course as I am very busy now at this juncutre of time. I have lived, enjoyed in three capital cities and fourth one is yet to come. Now I have been living in Vijayawada. You please do not stop your valuable services as you like with your interests. Moreover this work is not involved in any money matter and no one is permanent as well as has ownership or etc,. So, you please continue your torrential services here eternally. This is only interim reply only. With best wishes.........-జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 08:07, 9 మార్చి 2015 (UTC)[]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Thanks indeed for your wishes. Actually I am trying to write a script for Inter-wikt content creation. So, i need some experience here. Please do watch my efforts. Bye! Sir.--Info-farmer (చర్చ) 00:54, 11 మార్చి 2015 (UTC)[]


I was just looking through the #cvn-sw feed, and saw a bunch of your edits. Many of the interwikis you have added via AWB are to pages that don't exist. A better tool would be Pywikibot's interwiki.py. This will check whether the articles exist beforehand, and is an overall better tool for the job :) It will also remove interwikis that no longer exist. All the best, Caliburn (చర్చ) 06:53, 10 ఏప్రిల్ 2015 (UTC)[]

Caliburn, Noted. As per your message, I am currently posting the only other links from Telugu granted words as we have done previously. I am very much interested using of bots but I have no knowledge about bots. Please give your opinion answer early. జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 02:38, 11 ఏప్రిల్ 2015 (UTC)[]
Instructions are at this page. Note that Pywikibot works best if you create a second account for it. Caliburn (చర్చ) 10:53, 11 ఏప్రిల్ 2015 (UTC)[]
Thank you. జె.వి.ఆర్.కె.ప్రసాద్ 11:21, 11 ఏప్రిల్ 2015 (UTC)

Hi. It's possible I'm late to thir conversations but I recently have been removing interwikis to "bpy:" which are causing trouble for interwiki bots. This is because the bpy.wiktionary does not exist, so it's better not to add interwikis to invalid (non-existing language projects) wikis. Thank you, Malafaya (చర్చ) 19:20, 5 సెప్టెంబరు 2015 (UTC)[]

Translating the interface in your language, we need your helpసవరించు

Hello JVRKPRASAD, thanks for working on this wiki in your language. We updated the list of priority translations and I write you to let you know. The language used by this wiki (or by you in your preferences) needs about 100 translations or less in the priority list. You're almost done!
అన్ని వికీలలో కనిపించేలా అనువాదాలు చేర్చాలన్నా, మార్చాలన్నా, దయచేసి translatewiki.net ను వాడండి. ఇది మీడియావికీ స్థానికీకరణ ప్రాజెక్టు.

Please register on translatewiki.net if you didn't yet and then help complete priority translations (make sure to select your language in the language selector). With a couple hours' work or less, you can make sure that nearly all visitors see the wiki interface fully translated. Nemo 14:06, 26 ఏప్రిల్ 2015 (UTC)[]